Peace is first requisite for development.  Development brings prosperity and happiness in peoples lives.  Peace in the lives of people and in the world is disturbed due to quarrels, fights and wars to serve their narrow selfish objectives. Lack of true spiritual knowledge greatly narrows the viewpoint of a person. A spiritually enlightened person acquires a benevolent attitude and considers the whole world and the universe as the creation of one God and all beings His children.  Thus wizened, he sees no reason for quarrels, fights and wars as he begins to see every one as his own children of the same Creator.

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Firstly, our Mission is to spread spiritual knowledge in all parts of the world that will bring total peace in peoples lives.  There should not be quarrels between individuals, between different Religions, between different Sects in a Religion and between countries. 


Secondly, to establish peace internationally, our concept is to establish a Federal World Government at the UN. The World Government shall have the best of talent from every country as representatives.  These wise people shall form a Parliament and a Council of Ministers.  The World Government shall regularly evaluate the Development plans of every country. They shall guide them to make people‚Äôs friendly policies for rapid growth so that hunger, poverty, illiteracy can be banished from the face of the earth. In the world there is no shortage of materialistic resources.  What keeps most countries poor is lack of expert knowledge. Imagine if the knowledge and experience of say, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. who transformed Singapore from a small town to an Asian Tiger, is available to other countries of the world then he can transform other countries as well.  And thus under-developed countries shall benefit from the wisdom of leaders of successful countries.


Thus, our Mission is two fold:

(i) To bring spiritual enlightenment in peoples life,

(ii) To upgrade United Nations to a Federal World Government to replica handbags facilitate rapid growth in all parts of the world; and, adoption of people-friendly Economic Policy by every country.


We seek your whole-hearted support for fulfillment of this noble Mission!